Cyber bullying and the law: existing legislation or the specific one?

          No one can deny the influence of technology to our lives, especially the internet. Presently, we are more likely to do things online rather than offline. To work, communicate, pay bill even to harass someone, the playground now shift from offline to cyber space. Harassing people online or cyber bullying recently get attention by many people since it has some differences from traditional bullying and might also lead to more severe result. The main point of online bullying is anonymity which makes people feel less responsible for their actions and encourage them to easily bully others1. Moreover, since the digital activities are increasing from time to time, more and more attack spread itself on internet1. Consequently, the impact can be available to broader audiences and potentially be appeared online like forever1. Additionally, effect of cyber bullying does not only limit itself in virtual world, but it also causes bruises like traditional bullying. To be broadly seen by many people, it normally stimulates some people who agree or feel the same way about the bullying to turn online harassment into action. This time, the victim of cyber bullying tends to experience the crime of hate both mentally and physically. So, several approaches have been raised as the solutions. One of them is legal approach which has been continually debated because some people think that the existing legislation can cope with the problem, while others think we need new specific law to deal with it.
10. 2017