1. Develop administration and management system based on good governance.

         2. Create good relationships between alumni and community.

         3. Escalate instruction and quality of life of undergraduate students to be excellent.

         4. Develop research works and innovation to be a strong and sustainable base for local development and society.

         5. Prepare readiness to enter AEC and international stage.

         6. Be leading learning center and academic services for society.

         7. Promote and preserve arts and cultures towards international stage.

         8. Reform and escalate standard and criteria of administration and management of intellectual property.

Mission and Responsibility of Faculty

         1. Produce undergraduate students in social science field to possess knowledge and skills in profession, language and ICT; virtue and ethics, as well as, develop undergraduate students to possess desirable characteristics to respond to the needs of community.

         2. Develop administration and management system to support personnel in academic and academic assistance field.

         3. Develop curriculum and instruction to be in standard and towards to international level.

         4. Create cooperation with external working units in administration and management and instruction.

         5. Create research works in integration with instruction and present the research works to international level.

         6. Create academic service works for society to develop profession and build strength for community according to strategies and guidelines of SSRU.

         7. Preserve arts and cultures of Ratanakosin City having participation with students and people in order to create knowledge, understanding and awareness in arts and cultures and utilize research works to develop arts and cultures of Ratanakosin City.

Policy for Developing Faculty

         1. Policy in Producing Undergraduate Students

             1.1. Instruction

                   (1) Emphasize on producing undergraduate students in curriculum in conformity with the needs of labor market by focusing on development   of skills, profession, foreign language and information technology in order to prepare for entering AEC. (2) Promote several learning processes,   emphasizing on learners.

             1.2. Curriculum Development

                   (1) Promote development in curriculum by emphasizing on a participation of person having gain and loss and respond to the needs of labor market domestically and internationally

                   (2) Determine standard of undergraduate students in each curriculum and have an examination of summarized knowledge/ other knowledge equal to or passing a test of knowledge according to standard of curriculum of SSRU before graduating.

             1.3. Development of Students and Alumni

                   (1) Develop potential of students, emphasizing on providing knowledge in profession together with developing students according to desirable characteristics.

                   (2) Promote participatory activities of alumni.

                   (3) Promote knowledge and understanding in quality assurance in education management for students.

                   (4) Promote and support students to be able to improve ability in academic competition in national and international level.

         2. Policy in Research and Creative Works

             2.1. Build mechanisms and systems to develop researcher and research works in order to build knowledge in development of community and locality.

             2.2. Utilize research methodology to be mechanism for driving organization development, knowledge in instruction and learning resource in arts and cultures.

         3. Policy in Academic Services

             3.1. Provide academic services that are beneficial to community and locality by integrating with instruction and research works in accordance with guidelines of academic service working of SSRU.

             3.2. Focus on providing academic services which improve economic status to be stronger, enhance income and living condition to be better.

         4. Policy in Arts and Cultures

             4.1. Promote activities preserving arts and cultures for students and personnel.

             4.2. Promote development in research in order to build knowledge in conservation and development arts and cultures of Ratanakosin City.

         5. Policy in Administration and Management

             5.1. Promote a participation of personnel in proceeding for fulfillment according to official plan of action and managing with good governance.

             5.2. Use information technology in support of administration and management in personnel, planning, finance, quality assurance.

             5.3. Promote in creating of mechanism and systems of quality assurance in education in all levels of working units.

             5.4. Promote a learning exchange which is beneficial to improvement in working performance.

             5.5. Promote development of personnel which emphasizes on advancement in profession, encourage morale in working by having a clear plan of personnel development.