Philosophy Vision Mission


          Intellectual, Faithful, Leading the Society


          Ettakka group with identity Humanities and Social Sciences

Main Mission

          producing graduates with knowledge and virtue in humanities and social sciences to international excellence


          1. Providing qualitative education towards excellence

          2. Commitment to continuous quality improvement

          3. Create value and innovation for service users

          4. Transparency, equality, honesty, fairness

          5. All personnel are honored, dignified, valuable to the organization.


          Goodness and behavior in Thai manners and respect for elders


          He is a practical, skilled in academics, skilled in thinking, and has a public mind.


          Emphasizing the palace Cultivate knowledge Adhere to virtue to glorify To be a global learning organization

Core Values

          W (Wisdom & Creativity) Wisdom and Creativity

          H (Happiness & Loyalty) Happiness and loyalty in the organization.

          I (Intergration & Collaboration) Integration and cooperation

          P (Professionalism) professionalism

Main mission (Key result area)

          1) Produce Graduates with Front Row Quality

          2) Provide Academic Services and Transfer Technology to Communities and International Society

          3) Conserve and Develop Services Provision as the Center for Arts and Culture Service Center and Sustain the Thainess

          4) Conduct Research, Create Innovation and Develop Knowledge for Society

          5) Being a university with flexibility in management and emphasizing network participation (Employ Modern Management System for Versatility with Concentration on Network Participation)


          1) Knowledge Capital

          2) Morality

          3) Network (Partnership)

          4) Professionalism (Professionalism)

          5) Culture that "Being a good role model according to the Rattanakosin way"