Philosophy Vision Mission


          Wisdom, Faith and Social Leadership.


          To be the faculty having leading quality in order to develop with sustainability towards international stage.


          1. Produce undergraduate students possessing ethics and leading quality in conformity with the needs of community and society in the age of knowledge-based economy and live in society with happiness.

          2. Research and build innovation and knowledge towards local development, as well as, development of Thai Wisdom and enhance foreign language skills towards international stage.

          3. Provide academic services and transfer technology to community, society and ASEAN community with quality in order to improve community and social standard.

          4. Conserve, develop, provide services and arts and culture information service center (Ratanakosin City) towards international stage.


          "Professional practitioners, academic excellence, intelligent communicators, and strategic thinkers with public awareness”.


          Focus on royal traditions, knowledge cultivation, ethical enhancement, as an international learning organization.