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1TH01-1.The Representation of the Ghosts in Phakinai Novels.pdf

1TH01-3. LGBT representation in Thai movie.pdf

1TH01-4. Rural women in Thai country songs by Tai Orathai.pdf

1TH01-5. Y (Yaoi) Series Characteristics and Representation of Gay Relationships.pdf

1TH01-6. Representation of “Chao Khao” in Thai movies.pdf

1TH01-7. Parental violence in the novels Kanin kub Poon by Jullada Pakdeephummin and Poon Phit Thong by Kritsana Asoksin.pdf

1TH01-8. Analysis of a Y (Yaoi) novel adapted into TV series.pdf

1TH01-9. “Love” in Thai country songs lyrics by Takkatan Chonlada.pdf

1TH01-10. The Stylistic Impressions and the Reflected Pictures in the Songs of Dr. Fuu Band.pdf

1TH01-11. Male - female Relationships in Contemporary Thai Songs from Thai Literature.pdf

1TH01-12. Sexual abuse in literature and feminine identity and effect towards females.pdf

1TH01-13. Character behavior in the Novels a psychoanalyric study.pdf

1TH01-14. Techniques of Using words and Stylistic Impressions in the Songs of the Artist “New Jew”.pdf

2TH02-1. The Mixture of Languages in the lyrics of Monkan Khankoon.pdf

2TH02-2. The Worship Ceremonies Referring of Somdej Pra Nang Chao Sunandha Kumarirat Pra Barom Rajathevi.pdf

2TH02-4. The Slang used in the Series of “Diary Tootsies” Season 1.pdf

2TH02-5. The Stylistic Expressions Appearing in the Lyrics of Jarun Manopet.pdf

2TH02-6. The Value Appearing in the Songs of Gong Huay Rai.pdf

2TH02-7. The Use of language in the Magazine “Gossip Star”.pdf

2TH02-8. The Use of Phrases in Travel Documentary Writing of Pakaprich.pdf

2TH02-9. Advertising jargonslogans appeared in magazines.pdf

2TH02-10. Formation of LGBT slangs from Diary of Tootsies, the Series.pdf

2TH02-11. Technical Words used in the Football Society in the Magazine “Star Soccer”.pdf

2TH02-12. The northern local language adjuncts in the lyrics of Jarun Manopet.pdf

2TH02-13. The Language used in the Page “Tai Tieng Dara”.pdf

2TH02-14. The Existing Beliefs in Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University.pdf

Social Sciences

SC03-1. Factors causing Obstacles of Rotary Crop Growing in the Agricultural areas of Umphur Baan Dung, Udornthani Province.pdf

SC03-2. A Study on the Correlation of Quality of Tourism Destination with Satisfaction of Tourists at Chaiwattanaram Temple, Ayutthaya Province.pdf

SC03-3. The Independence of the Human Resource Administration in Local Government - Case Study Both sizes of Municipalities which were the Municipality of Nakorn .pdf

SC03-4. The Satisfaction of the Students of Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University towards the Government from the Coup D’etat (NCPO).pdf

SC03-5. The Comparative Study of the Disaster Management in Local Government Organization- Case Study the Provincial Local Government Organization of Uthaitani an.pdf

SC03-6. Solid waste management problem in Bangkok case study at Nongkhaem.pdf

SC03-8. The Opinions of the Students of Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University towards the Economics Policy in the Period of the Government from the Coup D’etat (NCPO).pdf

SC03-9. The State and the Problems of Tax Collection of the Sub-District Administration Organizations - Case Study the Koak Kham Sub-District Administration Organ.pdf

SC03-10. The Guidelines in Personal Management of the Local Government Organization in Thailand Urban and Metropolitan Areas – Case Study Bangkok, Pattaya and the.pdf

SC04-1. Discrimination against Disability in Bangkok Public Service.pdf

SC04-2. Factors affecting success in flood management in 2011 Of Nonthaburi Municipality.pdf

SC04-4. Corruption Prevention A Case Study of Pak Kret Municipality, Prototype Corruption Preventing.pdf

SC04-5. The merger of local governments in Japan and France.pdf

SC04-6. Stray Dog Policy of Metropolis A comparative study between Bangkok and City of Chicago.pdf

SC04-7. Social Welfare Policy in Thailand A Study of Changing Direction, 2001 – Present.pdf

SC04-8. Bangkok Prostitution Problem.pdf

SC04-9. Democracy in Thai Families.pdf

SC04-10. Politics in policy formulation bus rapid transit (BRT).pdf